Social Innovation, Interaction Design, Strategic Thinking

The following selection is a sampling of my work. Click here if you’re looking for my academic work.


Project: air quality Curriculum design

This curriculum includes a teacher’s guide, student field guide, air magnifier kit, and plans for a vinyl installation.

Role: Adjunct at Carnegie Mellon

digiTOOL is a skills-based class where I teach digital fabrication. Students design and build their own project.

Program: city as our makerspace

This program was co-designed with local stakeholders. Prototype won the grant from BNY Mellon in 2018.


Project: Design thinking manual

This series explores the distance between ideas and theories that have shaped the Design Thinking Process.

Role: Director of Marketing

This visual system documents the development of human factors in the coal mining industry.

Program: Scoria and public lab residency

Scoria, a now-defunct artist residency, hosted the Public Lab for a DIY aerial mapping project in Butte, MT.