An Antidisciplinary Adjunct

Carnegie Mellon University • 2017—present

Open to all majors, my classes are taught in Carnegie Mellon University’s interdisciplinary program, IDeATe. These courses take an integrative approach to design, art, and technology with a focus on rapid prototyping technology.


A skills-based class that teaches students the basics of digital fabrication. Students design and build something that performs holding.


This class uses fairy tales and automata to teach students basic narrative and mechanical engineering.


This class explores the capabilities of 3D printing and modeling through hands-on making.


A Feminist Makerspace

Prototype pgh, 501c3 • 2016—Present

Prototype’s mission is to build gender and racial equity in tech and entrepreneurship in Pittsburgh, PA. I founded this organization with Erin Gatz in 2016. We strive to fulfill this mission by providing affordable access to tools and equipment, offering workshops that prioritize the experiences of marginalized communities, and cultivating a gender-inclusive professional support network.


As co-founder and CEO, a large part of my responsibilities are focused on business development and strategy.


These visual, spatial, and programmatic experiences help build an inclusive and safe environment.



The Women’s Work incubator is Prototype’s newest program. It serves women-own social impact businesses.


Beyond the Resume

A comprehensive view of my career can be found on my resume.
The following projects were outside the scope of my daily responsibilities, or were part of ongoing contract work.


My work at TechShop included Education Manager, Sr. Mgr. of Creative Media, and Director of Marketing.

Youth Education

I’ve been a youth educator and teaching artist since 2012. This list is nearly comprehensive.

Public Speaking

Outside of youth education, I have taught many maker and skills-based classes for all ages.


Steel City Solutions

Steel City Solutions was a conference designed to encourage technology in Pittsburgh's nonprofit community.


Zoo City

As an employee/owner of Zoo City, I worked with clients to design and print custom apparel.

Public Lab

Scoria, a now-defunct artist residency, hosted the Public Lab for a DIY aerial mapping project in Butte, MT.