Managed Services

As Director of Marketing for TechShop, Inc., my responsibilities included the marketing of the company's pivot to managed services. Before the company closed, I built a website, collateral, marketing strategy, and customer deliverables. 

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As part of a company-wide campaign I organized, #MakerSeason, TechShop, Inc. provided free consultation to new maker or maker-adjacent organizations. We delivered nearly 20 consultations in a one-month period. served as a sandbox for the future of My ultimate vision was to replace with a variation of my Wordpress site. Each location would then be responsible for maintaining their own unique subordinate sites.

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Guidebook & Deliverables

Above is a selection from the Managed Services Guidebook I created for TechShop. This guidebook was distributed as a PDF and physical document to potential clients. Similarly, the Market Assessments were 8.5" x 11" perfect-bound books delivered to clients upon completion of projects. I used Adobe InDesign to create these documents.